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welcome to a clumsy but sensible repository

I'm Júlia, with an accent. Aspiring curator based in Barcelona. Recent Communication and Cultural Industries graduate and current exhibition curator at Pilotenkueche art residency. Dedicating this nook (part repository, part time capsule) to curate a sensitive gaze for photography, writing and other in-betweens. Venturing into this space with an open mind and heart. Excuse the honest clumsiness. 



A few of the milestones - within a relatively short timeline - that have preceded and shaped this space's endeavors. 


Communication and Cultural Industries
Degree - University of Barcelona

Bachelor degree delving into the theoretical and practical pillars of cultural communication and cultural management. A truly gratifying study course where I was first introduced to the intricacies that go into launching and operating a wide range of cultural initiatives .


Internship - Project coordinator
Educational Services Department - Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona)

An enriching 9-month internship at the cradle of filmic heritage in the Filmoteca de Catalunya. I was able to work alongside inspiring professionals to promote film culture through community-based projects in the Raval district of Barcelona. Similarly, I was able to take part in numerous projects aimed at reflecting and conversing about the juncture between film and pressing social struggles.


Exhibition curator
PILOTENKUECHE - International Art Residency Program (Leipzig)

I had the absolute good fortune to work at PILOTENKUECHE's 53 and 54th international art residency. Embedded in a culturally livened city, I was able to get involved in both the coordination, graphic design and curatorial processes of the exhibitions showcasing the resident's creative practice during the residency. 


An organized miscellanea of my published articles and videos

Tseng Yu Chin - Life and death in exile

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile

Yu Chin’s effervescent rise after the 12th Kassel Documenta Biennale with the series Who is listening?, resulted in a nonsensical spiral of events that both halted and pushed their creative calling. Despite erratic institutional intents to silence them, Yu Chin pursued their artistic endeavors amongst blight and acclaim.

Claudia Caletti - Pilotenkueche.png

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile

Claudia seeks to provide fertile soil for the works to coalesce organically and in harmony with each other, by prioritizing a collaborative dynamic between artists. “I don’t want to be the protagonist”. Whilst acknowledging the challenge of bringing fourteen international artists together, Claudia Caletti compares herself to a gardener. 

Mackenzie_Perras - Detail_of_Overwrite.jpeg

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile

As a principal outset to his process, he turns to diligent historical and ethnological research. Such approach leads him to distill the contextual nuances of materials and explore the significance attributed to primal forms of creation. By tracing back the origins of materials, he honors past tradition and humanity’s ongoing engagement with a particular element.

Leanne Finnegan - Field trip.jpg

Leanne Finnegan: spiritual voids

Mesmerized by primitive forms of artistic expression, Leanne reminisces on the early pagan and pre-catholic culture that permeates Irish heritage and landscape. Alluding to ritualistic, religious and spiritual approaches of art-making, Leanne recontextualizes such primal ways in a radically contemporary environment. 

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile

Briusing fruit - Chang Wang.jpg

Chang Wang: beacons of universal love

London-based artist Chang Wang inhabits a generous and humbling art practice. Impelled to defy the social pattern of ignorance when facing contentions in the world, Chang’s practice is a persisting flow against oblivion. Through performance and installation, she summons experiences of compassion to point at margins of reality bound to be overlooked.

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile


Aprendre a mirar pot ser tot un acte d’empatia i enteniment. M’he pogut capbussar en un exercici d’observació que m’ha permès explorar noves perspectives sobre la realitat que ens envolta. Molt feliç d’haver pogut col•laborar amb el CCCB i aportar la meva mirada sobre l’exposició de “Drawings for Projection” de William Kentridge.

Video en col·laboració amb el CCCB

Ray Molinari (2020) Ferran Palau, Guitar BCN, Sala Barts, Barcelona

Parc: An invitation to the borderless realm of music

Twisted iDEAL - Online journal of Eötvös Loránd University

On February 19th, Ferran Palau launched his last album Parc; an intimate yet cathartic approach to reality. Palau, a Catalan-based indie pop artist, constructs a whole new universe through synthetic beats and distorted vocals (...)

Lisa Wölfel at PK_edited.jpg

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile

Leipzig-based artist, Lisa Wölfel, ponders the ineffable nature of human processes. Acknowledging the impermanence that nuances emotional and existential states, Lisa’s practice reveals our layered and at times puzzling condition as troubled humans.

Thomas Lode (2019) Open air event; Toulouse, France.jpeg

Entrepreneurial spirit at only 21 years old

Twisted iDEAL -Online journal of Eötvös Loránd University

Interview with Antoine Pernet, co-founder of Collectif La Finca. La Finca defines itself as a multidisciplinary association located in Strasbourg with the mission of organizing events and spaces of expression and cohesion, where the senses, the arts and genres mingle to create a total party experience.

Sofia Fresia - Luna.jpeg

Torino-based artist Sofia Fresia subtly uncovers vertices between the self and the world as we know it. Through skillful oil paintings, her works project guileless reflections that emanate from personal experience. Addressing individuals’ place within their environment, Sofia’s work suggests a conflicting sense of belonging to a deeply troubled planet.

PILOTENKUECHE Magazine - artist profile

seen / unseen

Fragments of time and space where the eyes met the lens and the lens kissed the light.

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